Being in touch with customers and listening to their concerns is extremely valuable to us. If it wasn’t for the feedback from our customers, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.

Customer First

  • Pride yourself on going above and beyond for our customers.
  • Treat our customers as you want to be treated yourself.


  • You are the company. Be the change you wish to see take place.
  • Take ownership, take initiative, and take action to create what’s missing and to fix what’s broken.


  • We make decisions transparently based on data. Opinions are valued based on the data that backs them, not subjective views, hierarchy, or status.

Learn And Grow

  • Be who you are, but aspire to be a better you.
  • Learn new skills, be curious, find new and better ways to reach your goals.

Dare To Challenge

  • Be visionary, think beyond boundaries, reinvent the rules.
  • Be open-minded and creative. Try new ideas, embrace the unknown.


Throughout the company’s history, we have placed a lot of efforts in identifying smart and dynamic people, burning for self-improvement and passionate about creating something significant together. This strategy has created a unique community of employees who challenge each other to improve.

‘I felt so honored when a customer told our Founder that she hopes her grandson will grow up to be just like me. I still to this day, have a really special connection to this Customer and thanks to her kind words I have been able to follow my ideas to find new and innovative ways to provide Customer Happiness.’


‘I really love working at DealDash – you have a lot of flexibility and there are loads of opportunities to take on new and exciting projects!’


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