DealDash Inc. is a global leader in liquidating excess inventory from overcrowded warehouses. Since 2009, DealDash has helped move nearly 2 million items through our pay-to-bid auctions. In 2021 DealDash received the “Best Excess Inventory Liquidation Service – USA” award at the 9th annual award ceremony held by Global Brands Magazine. 

Throughout this process, DealDash ensures that our supplier’s relationships with other retailers remain intact. We are not interested in diminishing the pricing power of any brand, which often happens at traditional discount stores and outlet malls. DealDash never lists products below the MSRP without the permission of the brand – only the auction winner may purchase the item at the final auction price, everyone else has the option to purchase the item at the “Buy it Now” price, which is set at the MSRP unless otherwise agreed with the brand.

With our system, the brands we work with experience an increase in awareness and sales in other channels after partnering with us.

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Our services are a match for business owners, brands, wholesalers and retailers in all situations, including:

Securing Guaranteed Volume for New Product Launches

Do you want to grow your sales, but find paid marketing channels too risky, expensive, or hard to scale efficiently? If so, DealDash has a solution for you.

Moving Excess and Obsolete Inventory Efficiently

It’s sometimes difficult to sell the slowest-moving inventory at your warehouse. Make room for your newer models, bring in cash, and contact DealDash.

Generating Incremental Sales and Boosting Brand Awareness

Are you looking for a new channel, but are worried that using group buying or similar models are damaging to your brand or retailer relationships?

Liquidating Inventory For Bankruptcy, Restructuring or Renewal of Product Selection

Do you need your consumer goods inventory liquidated? Turn your inventory into cash in a flash.

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